Health has very little to do with medicine,

medicine is for sick people, not thriving well people.

Putting up with background grumbles, aches and pains is not good health. You deserve to feel better than this!


You know when

things aren’t right

You want to be the best version of ourselves, healthy and resilient to life’s pressures.
You believe in the importance of self-care, but it’s not always that easy.

It’s those nagging background grievances that all build up to low energy, low-mood and sub-par health. To get them all looked at individually would take up way too much time, and how would you know that would even work?

You may feel like giving up with your doctor, either not being able to help, masking the symptoms with medication or even telling you that it’s just normal! This can dash your hopes, leaving you despondent when it comes to dealing with your wellbeing.

Digestion, low mood, aches and pains are all things that can be improved. You juggle your career, children, and family. How are you going to keep everything running smoothly? As they advise onboard aeroplanes, fix your oxygen mask first!

To feel better we need to address our health as a whole, holistically. Our emotions are connected to our physical bodies, our diet affects our mood, our body affects our confidence, and our health can hold us back, causing us pain and anguish. It’s time to lighten the load of symptoms that have been building over the years.

My name is Imogen, and I work with people like you …

There are specialists for each segment of your body, from your little toe to the hairs on your head, but how about a specialist on you?

I’ve spent a decade specialising in the body-mind connection, working with the body’s subtle bioenergetics, to release trauma and stress toxic loading.

I firmly believe that it is only through a gained understanding, alongside treatment, that we can achieve lasting healing. My unique ability to intuitively perceive the subtle body enables me to pinpoint the cause and aggravation of presenting symptoms whether they be emotional, mental or physically based. This allows me to provide patients with health reports as individual as you are.


The cause of health issues often span across all our aspects, mind, body and spirit and so it is only through a holistic approach that the lasting relief of symptoms can be achieved.

If in doubt book in a call and we can discuss your wants and needs further. 


Address your health issues by working with me one to one for treatments and wellbeing coaching.


Come to a group workshop on health, wellbeing and self-development, or hold a group workshop at your place of work.


Relax, rewind and recharge. Invest in your health and wellbeing. See how our retreats could be just the thing for you.

are you ok with just being ok?

Being just OK is not good enough. You deserve to feel healthy, vibrant and alive, not just OK! If you don’t address your health now, then when? Prevent those nagging symptoms from building up into larger issues. Prevention is easier, cheaper and less painful than a cure.

What people are saying

I hadn’t actually expected to feel anything physical other than relaxed, but after just one session a pain I have had for years in my arm was completely gone and after six months my arm is still pain-free!

Lorraine, London

I was very impressed by Imogen’s professionalism and also her knowledge and insights. She is warm, caring and empathic in her approach. She was spot on in her observations and comments, and her recommendations have already
been helpful.

Elizabeth, London

I was amazed at how Imogen picked up on areas, which I knew and recognised as needing working on (not only in my personal life but also in my professional life). She was completely spot on and I began thinking, “It’s such a shame that this kind of service isn’t available for people in mainstream healthcare!”

Nadine, London

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Better Than a Pill offers complementary healthcare and wellbeing coaching to individuals, groups, and companies. We represent the subtle aspect of health and how it can help support a healthy lifestyle focused on preventative healthcare and gentle rehabilitation.

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